Professional Appraisers give you the above information of an income producing property that is currently at stabilized occupancy.
Valuexpose™ Self Help Valuation Report produces all the same valuation milestones from the current "as is" stabilized value to what the market is forecasting the ending sale price will be at the end of a 7 year wave cycle. All values are based on your own self-help due diligence.
See Rest of Report
Automated Valuation Results Range from the "As Is" value of the building and land at stabilized occupancy to the market's forecast of its ending sale price during a typical 7 year wave cycle."

You can update your "as is" stabilized value if you can't purchase at the investment value of $11,299,551. You can also see the DCF's financial models under the "as is" timeline value.
This is just a portion of how detailed each DCF financial model that makes up each value along the timeline."

You normally spend thousands of dollars for professional appraisals that produce these financial models.
This is a sample of the question boxes where you place your self-help due diligence you already know about your property."

It's easy! After viewing this sample report, you can input your own property data and produce your own detailed Valuation Report. Once received, you can update your data which instantly changes your entire report analysis and timeline values.
The report even shows you if your stabilized (leased up) project's indicated market value is in a bubble and will collapse down toward its fundamental value."

In this example, the subject's completed market value of $11,299,551 is not in a bubble and will gravitate toward the ending fundamental sale prices ($11,717,457)
Your stabilized property has a market value of $11,299,551. Valuexpose will detect if this value is in a bubble."

The property's $11,299,551 stabilized value will in all probability gravitate up to its market's ending sale price ($12,949,388) or the fundamental ending sale price of $11,317,457 during the business cycle. This means the property's "as is" stabilized value is sustainable.
Would you like to see a video explaining in more detail how this value sustainability model is constructed? *

This is the patent pending process of how we determine if your property's current market value is an awesome buying opportunity or has entered a dangerous bubble.

You can now save Thousands in appraisal fees by ordering your own Valuexpose™ Self Help Report of an income producing residential, office, retail or industrial property currently at stabilized occupancy. 

Instead of paying $2,500 to $15,000 for an appraisal report, you can order a Valuexpose Self-Help Valuation Report for $250Created by MAI appraisers, Valuexpose software produces all critical valuation analysis using your self-help data and due diligence that you probably already know."  

After answering the following due diligence questions regarding your stabilized property, you will receive your property's valuation report within 24 hours, plus the following....

After you fill out the following questions, we will input all your due diligence answers into the Valuexpose™ Self Help Software. Or, if you like, call us at 760-413-5011 and one of our appraisers will help you fill out the answers based on your due diligence.   

Once the report is completed, you will then be sent your login and password to your own private  Valuexpose™ Software account where you will find your completed report.

You now will be able to change any of your report's answers which will automatically change the timeline values. You can keep updating your property's value at no additional cost to you."

Simply log in to your user dashboard and click "open" on your property's icon to see your valuation report.

Once opened, you will now be able to change or update any input data that will instantly change the  entire analysis and timeline values."

As an additional bonus, you will be given a FREE one year subscription to your personal Valuexpose™ Software account. 
($1,788/yr Value Savings)

Now you can create as many new projects for any type property in any physical or economic condition.

Along with your login and password credentials for your one full year subscription to Valuexpose™, you will receive a free Udemy™ on-line course ($200 Value).  

This course describes in detail how to use all the features and benefits of Valuexpose™ Software."

We're offering you a no obligation 30 day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not delighted with this new technology. 

Now you can save thousands of dollars in appraisal fees and still have access to critical information you need before buying, selling, developing or remodeling your property."

This software has kept me from making critical real estate development mistakes". Dennis French, Equity Directions Developers

"I use this software to gain an advantage in listing property's that have not reached their full potential". Mike Higgins, Commercial Real Estate Broker. 

"As a remodeler and property flipper, I use this software to input my purchase price to see exactly how much I can spend on remodeling before it reaches financial infeasibility". Roy Watkins, Investor

You have more options. If you don't want to answer the due diligence questions yourself, and you don't want to call our counselors at 
760-413-5011 for help, you have two more options." *

•  You can request from us a RESTRICTED APPRAISAL from an MAI designated appraiser that researches and answers the due diligence questions for you. 

•  You can request from us 3 appraisal fee quotes for a FULL NARRATIVE APPRAISAL from designated MAI appraisers that service the location where your property is located.


Give us your first name so one of our MAI designated appraisers can contact you for help in filling out your due diligence questions." *

{{answer_37276216}}, give us your phone number so we can discuss how to fill out your questions. *

Or call us at 760-413-5011 to get started immediately.
Give us your first name so one of our MAI designated appraisers can contact you in helping with your appraisal needs. *

{{answer_37432792}}, if you want a quote for a RESTRICTED appraisal that researches and answers the questions for you, give us your phone number so we can discuss your property's issues. *

Or call us at 760-413-5011 to get started immediately.
Give us your first name so one of our MAI designated appraisers can contact you in helping with your appraisal needs. *

{{answer_37432790}}, if you want three (3) quotes for a FULL NARRATIVE APPRAISAL REPORT from an MAI designated appraiser, give us your phone number so we can discuss your property's issues. *

Or call us at 760-413-5011 to get started immediately.
The following questions pertain to an existing income producing building that is currently leased up to stabilized occupancy. 

These questions are also applicable to property types that are residential, office, retail or industrial that are existing income producing buildings currently leased up to stabilized occupancy."

Which of the four property classifications does your property type reside? *

Which residential income producing type is your property? *

Which residential income producing Sub-type is your property? *

Which office income producing type is your property? *

Which office income producing sub-type is your property? *

Which Retail income producing type is your property? *

Which Retail Multi-Tenant income producing sub-type is your property? *

Which Single Tenant Retail income producing sub-type is your property? *

Which lndustrial income producing type is your property? *


Some questions are optional. You will be able to fill in these optional questions when you receive your report. Mandatory questions will have a star beside the question.


If you have a photo or drawing of the property, upload load it here. (Optional)

You can choose file or drag your picture here. You can even tap on the below picture icon that will let you take a picture of your rendering to automatically upload.
What is the size in SF of all units and all vertical amenities (ie. Clubhouse, etc.)? *

It's OK if you don't know the exact size of your building(s). Just estimate and you can change when you get the report.
What is the gross size of the lot / parcel in SF? (Exclude excess land) *

Once again, it's OK if you don't know the exact size of your building lot. Just estimate and you can change this answer when you get your report.

Excess Land: Land that is not needed to serve or support the proposed or existing improvements.
How many total individual leasing units are there in the building? *

Show the total number of units for multi-tenant developments. Indicate one unit for single tenant developments.
What is the expected total monthly market rent for all units if 100% occupied based on annual tenant leases? *

When you receive your valuation report, you will be able to show individual market rent for each unit. For now, just indicate what the total monthly market rent will be if all units were 100% leased.
Is there any other monthly income to be collected in addition to the rental income? (per occupied unit) *

Show any other average monthly income (in addition to market rent) that can be reasonably collected from tenants, i.e. parking, laundry, marketing contributions, etc.
What is the expected annual stabilized vacancy & collection loss percentage from full occupancy? *

The property is currently leased at stabilized occupancy (100% occupied less vacancy and collections loss).  What will be the total annual property taxes? *

Estimate what the annual property taxes will be for the property's district based on the property's current market value.
Now that the building is fully leased to stabilized occupancy (100% occupied less vacancy and collection loss) what will be the total annual fire and liability insurance? *

Get a quote from an insurance agent as to the customary annual insurance cost for your area.
Estimate the following variable expenses assuming the development is 100% complete and leased to stabilized occupancy. 

You can either detail or rough estimate these expenses based on a PERCENTAGE of the finished leased up project's annual Net Operating Income (NOI). When you receive your valuation report, you can change any of these expenses to fine tune your analysis.  *

What is the closest variable expense percentage of your completed development's stabilized net operating income? *

Stabilized net operating income is defined as 100% leased gross annual income LESS normal vacancy and collection loss.

Now that the building has reached stabilized occupancy, what is the typical on-site manager's annual salary (income, payroll taxes, worksman comp, and any annual rental benefits of his on-site unit)? *

If one of the units is being occupied by an on-site manager, indicate the above total expenses. Put $0 If this does not apply.
Now that the building has reached stabilize occupancy what is the typical off-site manager's income as a percentage of the income collected? *

Now that the building has reached stabilized occupancy what is the average monthly utility expenses paid by the landlord for entire complex (including all house meters)? *

When you receive your report, you will be able to allocate this expense between the various utilities.
What is the rubbish removal average monthly expense paid by the landlord for entire complex? *

What is the average monthly Interior Cleaning / Painting? (for entire complex), if any? *

What is the average monthly landscape expense? (for entire complex) *

What is the general maintenance and repair as a percentage of the income collected? (for entire complex) *

What is the average monthly pool maintenance expense (for entire complex), if any? *

What is the average monthly pest control expense? (for entire complex) *

What is the average monthly advertising expense? (for entire complex) *

Indicate $0 if advertising is included in a professional management contract fee.
What is the average monthly administrative cost (for entire complex)? *

Indicate $0 if this cost is included in a professional management fee.
Other average monthly variable expenses? (for entire complex) *

Indicate any other variable monthly expenses that are customary for the property's district.
Are there any "Below the Line" average monthly expenses? *

Below-the-line expense – An expense that is recorded “below” the net operating income line in a reconstructed operating statement and therefore is not considered part of the total operating expenses for the property; tenant improvements and leasing concessions are the most common line items recorded below the net operating income. These are non reoccurring expenses that do not show in the Stabilized Operating Statement, and consequently do not impact the Stabilized Net Operating Income.
For what price do you think you can buy the the existing "as is" building (stabilized) and land? (Optional)

Indicate the price if you already know what you can buy the "as is" building and land for. This is an optional question. If you don't know, simply say "Don't Know". This won't affect the valuation analysis report.
Tell us anything else you think we should know or any questions you have. (Optional)

That's It! Any other answers to questions that you might think are appropriate are already  preloaded into your valuation report based on your property type and location."

These "missing" answers, as well as your above answers, can be changed by you once you receive your report inside the Valuexpose™ software. Any of your changes will automatically change the timeline values and possibly the economic feasibility of your development.
We even offer financing options for your particular needs. If interested, we will provide 3 competitive financing offers for your property acquisition. (Optional)

Click one or more of the following financing options

Term and Conditions *

Please read the following and click "agree" to continue:

All information provided by the services and products (collectively "Services") of Valuexpose, Inc. ("Valuexpose" or "we" or "us") is for educational and informational purposes only. You alone will need to evaluate the merits and risks associated with the use of the Services.Decisions based on information obtained from us or the Services are your sole responsibility. Before making any decision on the basis of such information, you should consider (with or without the assistance of a qualified appraiser or financial adviser) whether such information is appropriate in light of your particular investment goals and financial circumstances. You should seek financial, tax and legal advice regarding the suitability of any investment and before pursuing any investment strategy. We do not act as a fiduciary, investment advisor, consultant or appraiser. Any information obtained from us or the Services is not intended nor should be construed as any advice, recommendation, or endorsement regarding any investment or related financial, tax or legal matters. In no event shall Valuexpose or its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents or affiliates be liable to you or any other party for any direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary, compensatory, punitive, special or consequential damages, losses, costs, expenses, or legal fees (including, without limitation, lost income, lost profits or opportunity costs) in connection with the Services or any information provided by the Services.
The Valuation Report Results will give you.....
•  "As is" Investment Value of the building & land (stabilized)
•   Prospective Investment Value at the end of a 7 year economic cycle. 
•   Current Stabilized Income & Expense Statement 
•   All DCF Financial Models 
•   If the property's market value is sustainable due to a Bubble Threat
•   and much more critical information and metrics"

We also need your first name to identify with your answered questions. *

•  Save Thousands.  Get your property's valuation report for only ($250)
•  Includes Free one year subscription to Valuexpose Software ($1,788/yr Savings)
•  Includes Free Udemy™ training course ($200 Value
•  Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee
• Accepts PayPal or major debit or credit cards
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